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BASMA (Children with Cancer)

BASMA's actual launch took place in the beginning of the year 2005, when a group of young people started organizing regular visits to the Cancer Ward of the Children's Hospital in Damascus, the only center for childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment in Syria. The aim was to provide emotional, psychological and social support to those children.

This followed a full year of research and data mining undertaken by the initiator of the project, BASMA's current chairperson, Ms. Mayya Assaad, as an endeavor to shed light on the condition of children with cancer and their families, the type and quality of services provided to them in Syria, as well as to get a broader understanding of similar experiences in other countries such as Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon and how they dealt with childhood cancer from social, psychological and development perspectives.

The above efforts led to the conviction that there is a need for a separate entity whose aim is to support children with cancer…. and so BASMA saw the light.

From its inception, BASMA's focus was on the social aspect of the disease and its impact on the family psychologically and financially, attention was also given to the medical aspect based on the fact that both issues should be dealt with in order for a child to get appropriate treatment and care.

After a 7-month preparation period, Basma was ratified in April 18th 2006 as the first association in Syria to support children with cancer and their families.

BASMA seeks to improve health and social conditions of children with cancer in Syria, throughout providing psychological and proper support to children and their families during the treatment period, as well as the financial support to treatment cost.

BASMA seeks also to provide medical support to the children's cancer units in Syria in order to upgrade the medical services rendered to children, promote setting up new units locally, and raise community awareness on childhood cancer.